Technical Data


ZYCOTHERM is a next-generation organosilane based asphalt additive at a nanometric scale that provides longer asphalt concrete life while improving manufacturing, paving and compacting processes.

Organosilanes are reactive bridge molecules that permanently modify the surface of the aggregate (inorganic) on an alkyl surface that is extremely compatible with the asphalt that is chemically bonded to it.

The new interaction between asphalt and aggregate expels the air and forms a perfect bond, so that water in the form of steam is not able to delaminate the binder.


  1. Multiplicative increase of added adhesion-asphalt.
  2. Capable of manufacturing Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)
  3. Improves the durability of asphalt concrete.
  4. Reduces the oxidation of the asphalt mix
  5. Improved workability (better coating and low temperature workability)
  6. Reduction of filler content.
  7. Compatible with polymers, SBS, Elvaloy, Crumbrubber…
  8. It allows the reduction of the manufacturing temperature between 10-15ºC.
  9. Better compaction even at low temperatures (up to 90ºC).
  10. It allows to increase the hauling distances to the project.
  11. More homogeneous mixture without thermal segregation.
  12. Allows you to increase RAP content.
  13. Keep manufacturing planta, extender equipment (finishers) and compactors cleaner.
  14. Blacker asphalt and water resistant.