Technical Data


TERRASIL is a last generation soil stabilizer additive, made of 100% of organosilanes, capable of repelling water, eliminating swelling and soil absorption. It is, therefore, a soil waterproofing agent, which brings additional advantages to traditional soil stabilization.

Mode of action

Terrasil is a soil modifying additive composed of 100% organosilanes, soluble in water, stable to heat and ultraviolet radiation. Its main action, therefore, consists in the waterproofing of soils and subsoils.

It has silanol groups, which react with the silicates present in the soil, transforming its surface and giving them permanent hydrophobic properties.

In this way, the soil will repel the water molecules, waterproofing it and avoiding the problems derived from its presence.


  1. The treated soil has permanent hydrophobic properties.
  2. The floor maintains perspiration (expels water in the form of steam).
  3. CBR values are increased.
  4. Swelling is reduced.
  5. Improves the Resilient Module.
  6. On-site density and compaction data are improved.
  7. It is possible to reduce the water consumption necessary for compacting the material.