Technical Data


ZYCOSIL is an organosilane capable of modifying various materials, transforming them into hydrophobic surfaces. Thus, it can be used as a waterproofing for building materials. It is stable against water, light and heat, providing durable waterproofing solutions.

Zycosil has a unique molecular structure, with silanol groups that favour its dissolution in water.

In addition, when the corresponding substrate is joined, hydrophobic Si-O-Si (siloxane) type bonds are created, making the new material impermeable to water.

Almost all materials used in construction can be treated with Zycosil. Some examples are: concrete, bricks, sandstone, granite, limestone, marble, plaster, stone…


  1. Prevent the formation of black spots from moldew on the walls of buildings.
  2. Prevent efflorescence
  3. Keeping buildings cleaner for longer.
  4. Corrosion is an electrochemical process that occurs due to the presence of oxygen dissolved in water in materials. Since Zycosil prevents the ingress of water, it is able to prevent corrosion of materials by oxidation.
  5. Zycosil attaches to the joints in the same way it attaches to surfaces. Therefore, it also prevents the entry of water into the joints, avoiding the appearance of holes and fissures.
  6. The particle size of Zycosil is about 4-6 nm, and it can easily penetrate the substrates through the pores. This penetration improves: the hydraulic pressure generated by intense rain protects the materials against micro fissures and protects building structures from water damage after abrasion processes due to traffic or natural wear of surfaces