Erosion Control

Technical Data


Nanosoil (A+B) is a two-component solution that coheres the soil and waterproofs it, while maintaining the ability to evaporate water. A soil modified with Nanosoil behaves like a unidirectional membrane, which prevents the entry of water, but allows evaporation. In this way, surface erosion is minimised (as water “slides” on the surface without wetting it”) and slides are prevented (as the slope does not get wet and, therefore, there is no increase in sumasa).


Through the use of NanoSoil, in addition to reducing application and maintenance costs, competitive results are achieved, which bring additional advantages to the slopes treated with these products:

  • Reduce the costs of traditional applications.
  • More efficient applications, due to the greater penetration and coverage of the solution.
  • Waterproofing of the land, thus eliminating possible problems of erosionfutura.
  • Natural finish.
  • Products 100% compatible with the environment.