Zycotherm – Ez

Technical Data


ZYCOTHERM-EZ is a next-generation organosilane based asphalt additive on a nanometric scale that provides longer life of asphalt concrete while improving manufacturing, paving and compacting processes.

Organosilanes are reactive bridge molecules that permanently modify the surface of the aggregate (inorganic) on an alkyl surface that is extremely compatible with the asphalt that is chemically bonded to it.

The new interaction between asphalt and aggregate expels the air and forms a total bond, so that water in the form of steam is not able to delaminate.

Manufacturing Phase Benefits

  1. Cleaning of equipment and installations.
  2. Increase of the paving season of the mix.
  3. Excellent fibre distribution in SMA blends.
  4. Excellent workability on polymer modified binders
  5. Improved flow and workability of the mixture at lower temperature.
  6. Reduction of wrapping time between 30-40%, 100% coverage of coarse aggregates and filler is achieved.
  7. Reduction of the manufacturing temperature between 20-25%.
  8. Improved oxidation resistance of bituminous binder…
  9. Improved fatigue strength of the asphalt mix.

Benefits in the Environment and Environment

  1. RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) Content Increase
  2. Increased content of RAS (Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles)
  3. The health risk classification for the use of Zycotherm is very low, at level 1.
  4. Excellent workability on binders modified with NFU.
  5. Not corrosive.
  6. Odor is reduced.