Technical Data


ZYCOBOND is a co-polymer acrylic and nanotechnological additive of the latest generation. Its use is recommended in soil stabilization, for topical irrigation of sealing the surface layer as a rolling and dust treatment.

ZYCOBOND has a formula capable of improving results against a normal scale co-polymer. By having a higher reaction capacity and achieving a higher number of links, it will bring additional advantages to traditional execution.

Mode of action

Zycobond is an additive for soil stabilization. It is composed of an acrylic co-polymer, soluble in water, stable to heat and ultraviolet radiation. Its main action, therefore, is to conglomerate the soils.

Reacts with the particles present in the soil, transforming its surface and giving them properties that increase its size and hardness, improving the mechanical properties of the treated soil and thus reducing the generation of dust in the soil.

We can say that the soil with the modified characteristics, is an optimal alternative to the traditional solution of leveling and compaction.

The recommended dosage and cost for these applications are established according to the project objectives to be achieved.


  1. The treated material acquires improved soil stabilization characteristics that allow the cohesion of the particles, increasing hardness and rolling resistance. The fine particles on the surface, being cohesive, weigh more, avoiding the problems derived from the generation of dust.
  2. The material after application will obtain higher mechanical performance values than the control material.
  3. The additive generates a conglomerating effect between the soil particles, increasing its hardness and durability.