Adhrencia Irrigation

Technical Data


NANOTAC is an additive composed of 100% organosilanes, which has excellent “wettability”, quick drying and eliminates transference.
to the machinery. Therefore, it is perfect for waterproof, reactive and high penetration adhesion coatings.

NANOTAC works at the nano level. It is capable of forming bonds with soil molecules, permanently transforming their chemical properties. Thus, it gives surfaces hydrophobic (oleophilic) characteristics, providing greater adhesiveness with asphalt layers, the nature of which is also hydrophobic.


  1. Multiplicative increase in adhesion between emulsion and pavement due to siloxane bonds between Nanotac and pavement
  2. Dilution of the emulsion.
  3. Fast breakage, virtually eliminates transfer. This advantage is affected by soil temperature and environmental conditions (wind, humidity, sun, temperature…).
  4. Greater coverage area with less residual bitumen.
  5. Reduced sensitivity to water.
  6. Reduces droplet size, surface tension improving irrigation coverage.
  7. Increased resistance to the tangential stresses that occur at the junction of two layers through the irrigation of adhesion.
  8. The problem of exudations in layers of agglomerates < 4 cm is reduced.